Monday, November 9, 2015

Piano recital

C11's fall piano recital was Sunday, November 8. She was amazing. Best recital ever, for her. She was focused, made few or no mistakes. I credit TCR for sitting with her when she practices, because when I do that ... uhm, it goes differently. Less smoothly. More animosity on both sides.

But TCR helped her, made her do what her piano teacher asked her to do, and all without C11 killing me.

Here is her first piece (out of focus, but it is the music not the picture you want to hear). Called All through the night.

2015-11-08 - Celeste - All Through the Night (out of focus)

And here is the second (stand up, y'all!)

2015-11-08 - Celeste - The Star-Spangled Banner

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