Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vaction: Ice cream

We went to Cape Cod, and TCR and I took a side jaunt to Nantucket. Fun, beautiful, relaxing.  Bike rides, beaches, flowers, fun. Etc. Etc.

On the boat to N'tckt. I was just too lazy to type all that out, in town, flowers, and the beach

2016-06-28 08.52.32
2016-06-28 09.56.27 2016-06-28 13.17.25 2016-06-29 10.28.59

But usually my vacation goal is this: Ice cream every day. So, we selfie'd it up when we had ice cream. Some of you might have seen these on facebook. I take my ice cream very seriously.

2016-06-29 11.58.57 2016-07-01 12.41.07 2016-06-28 11.45.04 (1)

2016-07-01 19.08.14
2016-06-26 20.38.27 2016-06-26 20.40.49

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