Sunday, September 4, 2016

Camping Birthday Weekend

We decided to go cabin camping over labor day weekend. By the time that weekend rolled around TCR47 & I were NOT looking forward to it. But we ended up going and had a fun time.

Since it was C's birthday weekend, we let her bring a friend (and Q10 had a friend going; we went with 3 other families, one of those families included Q's good friend P10).

2016-09-03 15.50.36

M12 brought a BOATLOAD of junkfood, shared by all of the kids, opened and dug into during the short 45  minute car ride there. C11/12 brought her computer and they spent much of the trip with one other child at the free wi-fi spot watching Dr. Who. Whatever. They were OUTSIDE watching Dr. Who.

I don't know what they were eating here, but it was JUNK.
2016-09-04 15.51.09

We brought a Fuji Apple cake with cream cheese frosting for C12's birthday.

2016-09-04 19.27.34

2016-09-04 19.27.36

2016-09-04 19.27.39

2016-09-04 19.27.41

We went to a water park, C12 & M12 did kayaks with TCR, Q spent a boatload of time on a hammock. Fires, food, friends, fun.

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