Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chocolate factory

Ninoo & Papa came up for a visit for a few days, and one of the things we did was visit a chocolate factory, at C12's request.

I don't think it was as much fun as C12 thought it would be, mostly because they appeared to focus on dark chocolate. Which was delicious. But not milk chocolate, and when you want milk chocolate, dark chocolate won't do.

But, look, we call got to wear hair nets, and C47 got to wear a BEARD NET. Don't worry, TCR wasn't alone; there were at least 2 other men on our tour with beard nets on.

You can see C12 in the background.

2016-10-15 13.30.48-1

And Q10 making a funny face.

2016-10-15 13.31.01

Me, I'm nowhere to be found.

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