Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gingerbreading, 2016

Gingerbreading, we did it earlier this year and I just let the kids eat their houses. C12 asked for a Tardis, which was fairly easy to make. Although she looked at it and went ... that's smaller than I thought it would be (smaller on the outside, perhaps??). She made a Dalek, an old-fashioned Cyberman, "Cassandra," a weeping angel, and a Zygon. And then stuffed the Tardis with candy.

M12, C12's best friend, wanted the Tardis console. She tried to console me with the fact that she wanted the console from a certain season, but it didn't really, because creating a hexagonal anything is difficult. Hence, this:

To be fair, it was bigger than the Tardis, so  ... that was good.

Q10 wanted ... a giant gingerbread man and then she changed her mind and asked for a tree. We've done the tree before, but it still looks good. And easy to break off bits of the gingerbread to eat. TCR got a lot of that one, I think.

A9, M12's sister, asked for a house, and so did I. So here they are:

My girls just ate their houses within a week, and the other girls brought their "houses" home. 

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