Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feruary 2017

Not much happened in February, apparently. There are lots of selfies on my phone that I send to Q10 over the Google Hangouts from work if she shoots a "Hi" from school. Like this:

Also, C12 got new glasses. Whooo. OK, I didn't need to buy those, I don't know that her prescription changed much, and I spent too much money on them, but she can see, and THAT's good.

Q10 was walking L3 and found this little white dog. Q10 dragged C12 outside to help her corral the dog, who we put on our porch. We created a little cozy area for the dog, and then overnight I didn't want him in our house (He was kind of gross. So cute in this picture, but he humped everything. I mean, everybody. Yuck.). So we put him on our back porch overnight and I do not know how, but he managed to escape over  a 3.5 ft wall. Q10 was quite worried about him, but I think he's OK. He's a little survivor.

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