Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mother's Day

May 14 -- Mother's day was lovely. I'm sending out a thanks to C12 for saying happy mother's day, and a super-special thanks to Q11 who had a  grand vision and put it together, with the help of TCR, who paid for it all, and a teacher who created some fun things with the kids, too.

C12 DID offer to give me a hug if I gave her some chocolate, but I declined the offer. It doesn't work that way, dear. I did share the chocolate with her, but there was no quid pro quo.

I'm going to jump ahead to May 21 ... when we busted into the Mother's DAY spa and this is how it began. YIKES, right???!!! We did get all spa'd up and our skin felt Ah-MAZING. But the masks were weird to wear.

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