Friday, June 8, 2018

End of the school year

C13 had a dance on a boat, and SHE went, which is a first and last for middle school (Going to a dance). Although she tells me she went for the buffet. Here she is.

AND, school awards. C13 had a promotion ceremony. She earned some awards for creative writing and the presidential excellence award or something or other. Which we all agreed we should burn if it says "Trump" on it.

This is her getting the presidential excellence award. The award for creative writing was equally exciting!

Q12 had a middle school dance.  She went! First time this year. Actually, to say she went is an understatement. She and her friends planned and organized it. There wasn't going to be a dance, but they wanted one, and they made it happen. There were some angsty moments, but who doesn't have those when planning a big event?

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