Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sure, it isn't imaginary numbers

But C4 seems to have gotten the concept of negative numbers. When asked if I have 4 books, and she wants 6 of them ... how many will I have left ... she'll tell you -2.

Blows. My. Mind.

On a more mundane note, we did a switcheroo today ... Q3 is now in the red room (because green is Ug-guh-lee), and C4 in the green room (Bigger! Better! More room to play!)

C4's room

I think C4's bed looks very nice in the green room! And Spook looks fantastic on that wall.

Q3's room ... or a bit of it

In the red room we hung up the sheer curtains that we'd bought for C4 to make her little bed into a little box bed ... but she didn't like it. But Q3 DOES like it (that's because given half a chance she'd be a girly-girl, I'm sure).

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