Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watkin's Glen Park

We crashed C6's family birthday party at Watkins Regional Park. I had made lemonade cupcakes the other day, and wanted to share, so I invited myself along. The cupcakes sound amazing, but really, the cupcake part was kind of yuck, and the frosting ... well, if you like frosting like I do, you'd like it, otherwise it would just be sweet, fatty, tarty stuff. Sugar, butter, lemonade concentrate, basically.

But ... the kids enjoyed it.

C6 could not finish her frosting (too rich)

J2 really really enjoyed his. Here is is in anticipation.

And here he is enjoying (Note Q3 just looking on)
C3 and J2

Q3, slow but steady eater took twice as long to eat half as much as the others

And C4 dropped her first cupcake frosting ... so here she is with her second (note ... this is just the frosting. The cupcakes were so Blah-Bluck even the kids didn't like them. Really)

We visited the farm and fed the animals.
C6 and the pony Q3 & C4 with a goose.

We rode the train
On the train

And we rode the carousel

Then, hoping to wear them out, we went back to the playground for more play. It worked, I think, Q3 fell asleep fairly quickly (if a little distraughtedly) soon after we left for dinner. C4 didn't fall asleep until C40 and I returned from dinner (she had the babysitter up every 15 minutes or so) but was very good natured about it. And fell asleep minutes after we arrived home and saw daddy.

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