Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school

So, what you've been waiting for.

C4 has been waiting for school for so long. She was ecstatic to start the school day. Happy to put on her uniform. Excited to eat at school (she brought oatmeal with blueberries to school, ate that there, and THEN ate the school breakfast, too). Ready to go.

C4 & Q3

We drove up to my friend's house to walk together. We made it there safely, despite the ginormous backpacks the girls were wearing. Really, they are dwarfed by their empty bookbags. C4 is being dragged down by her lunch.

Looking at the school

I like this photo. C4 is overwhelmingly happy. Q3 is looking at the two older girls with elementary school desire. C6, on the other hand is looking mighty unhappy. That is the biggest smile she could make for the camera.

Ready to go in!

C4 got in line to go to class, and eventually the whole class (and the parents) trouped in. I was immediately forgotten (see photo series) until C4 couldn't find some of her school supplies.

She's gone Finding a seat Getting ready to start the day

So ... photos taken, I left. And returned at 1:55 pm (OK, OK, I was much earlier than that! But it was a result of Q3 & I taking the levee home and stopping for 15 minutes to watch construction) to pick C4 up.

I attempted to get some information from her about her day. What I learned:

1) There are 13 girls and 9 boys in her class
2) One girl (Stephanie) was absent
3) They had frosted flakes for breakfast (So glad she had the oatmeal first!)
4) They did not use their pencils today.
5) They did not use their scissors today.
6) They did not write in their books today.
7) C4 almost cried when she was told she had to leave her school supplies at school.
8) In order to make sure her first day remained good, the teacher let her bring them home.
9) C4 told me "This kindergarten is a good one! [pause] Because--and here is the good part--4-and-1112ths-year-olds get to go in it"
10) They played copy cat (and her thing was a jump spin)
11) The lunchroom is NOT on the roof

I'm sure I'll learn more ... eventually. I'm looking forward to talking to my friend about M5's first day at school to see how it compared to C4s!


  1. Oh cute! I love the school supplies, too. Also, Mark eats frosted flakes instead of ice cream for dessert :)

  2. Yeah, yum ... for desser!! I don't object to frosted flakes ... but for a 5 year old's breakfast? Not ok!! :)