Sunday, August 23, 2009


Kind of like the last hurrah before summer ends and fall begins.

T4 (soon to be T5) had his birthday party this weekend. Monsster Truck Bouncy Castle! Cake! PiƱata! What more could we ask? T4 & C4 getting along? Here they are ... it is hard to believe they are realy only 1 day apart ...

C4 & T4

And then today we had a playdate with M5 ... our final playdate before Kindergarten starts! M5 & C4 are in the same class. They had a snacky outside and enjoyed being smiling for the camera:

C4 M5 Q3

Then this evening we had our monthly babysitting co-op.

Finally, the kids are knocked out and asleep in preparation for the FIRST DAY OF K!

I'm excited.

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