Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday party

We had a dog tea party ... although I admit, it was heavy on the tea, and very light on the dog.

Before the party

Whoo hooo!

The plan was to make chcolate cupcakes, because that is what C4 wanted for her 5th birthday. Except then she wanted vanilla. And I wanted to make a teapot cake like the one I saw in Southern Living 10 months ago. Of course, I was running out of time and I had this fondant leftover from the pretty flowers I made and I draped it over. It looked like a ghost! And then I smoothed it so it was only soso wrinkled and it was good enough.

Teapot cake ad hats

The girls made flowered hats

Q in hat C making her hat

Stung beads

Beading with hat on

had some free play ... and then we had our tea party. First sandwhiches and fruit, then the cake and we sang happy birthday.

Tea party Cake 2

After they'd had enough cake and icecream it was onto my token dog item: the piñata!

C with the pinata

Some parental ripping helped it along, because as you can see, it would have taken the girls about 2 hour to get that thing down.


Great party. Very civilized. The girls went home with new hats, new necklaces, a teacup and some loot from the piñata (mostly hair accessories). All happy.

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