Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More sleep

A couple of days ago I was awoken by a cry, so I went to investigate.

Q3 was not in her bed.
Not in the bed.
Not in her chair.
Not in the chair.
Not on the floor ... oh, yes she was. Under the chair.
Hiding from wolves.

I took her out and cuddled her and she started to tell me about the wolf, she didn't want the wolf to get her. Which was why she was in the chair.


So, eventually she got to sleep. Woke again. Back to sleep for the night. So we thought, but we found her in the morning under her chair again.

And last night ... she just went to bed there.


  1. Call me conventional, I would have thought under the covers in bed would be safer from the wolf than under the chair.

  2. Hmmm. Good point. I'll pass it along. She's back under the chair again tonight ... but calling it a bunkbed this evening.