Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I just want to share how our mealtimes go. Recently C 41 made a lovely meal
that was not universally enjoyed (ahem. Nobody except him enjoyed it). Knowing
it would be a difficult meal, there was fruit and cut up veggies on the table for the
girls to eat to supplement the food they wouldn't.

I ate mine, but skipped the seconds.

C5 screamed and cried at the sight of it, refused and demanded a peanut
butter, butter, and jelly sandwich, but eventually took a no thank
you bite then filled up on fruit and raw veggies.

Q$ carefully ate her fruit and the raw veggies, but didn't touch the yucky
food. The whole time her sister ranted she kept saying how good and yummy the
food was. Then she asked to be excused. When pressed to have some of the
untouched but highly praised food, Q4 told us that she already knew she
liked it, so she didn't need to try any.

We all deal with things differently.