Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monsterella II

About a month ago I made a cashmere stuffie. Blue with pink and white accents. I asked both Q4 & C5 if they wanted it.

Short answer: No.
Long answer: That's Ug-uh-lee.

So, I inteded to give it to somebody with a new baby. But then my friend J. came over and she loved it and wanted it and took it home. But not before Q4 freaked out and realized she loved it and wanted it.

Too late, I'm afraid. But, I made her another. Even better. Because it is all PINK. HOT PINK. With a FLOWER on the tummy. She wanted long hair, so I put in in. Plus I made kisses to sew the mouth on, at C41's suggestion. Easy as pie. I thought it would make a great baby stuffie because I didn't stuff the arms and legs so it would be easy to chew and grab.

So, I'll have to make ANOTHER. Or more. 3 babies born in one week this May/June, and two more due this fall.

Q with Monsterella Q4 with Monsterella

View of the monster