Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of First Grade

And ... here it is.
First Day of First Grade
I love their little uniforms. And ... nary a fuss about a uniform this week. Granted we bought 4 stone/khaki jumpers (and one skort) to go along with 4 older blue ones (her old stone jumper is trashed) ... and those khaki ones are her favorite.

Mrs. K. has a reputation for order, which is also a good thing for C5. Yippee!

Q4, instead of being excited for the first day of school, has been worried for about a week about going to camp without C5. She was feeling sad that C5 was at school, but her school friends were not yet back at school with her. So when C41 dropped her off she clung and cried. Once pried off C41 she asked for a hug and kiss. I would have questioned his daddy-quotient if he hadn't fallen for that one. But it started another round of clinging and crying.

So, while I knew she probably was fine within minutes of C41's departure (independent sources say it was so) I decided to take Q4 to lunch as a welcome back-to-school treat. She is easy to go to lunch with. Pleasant to be with, good conversationalist. Well, sort of on that score. But happy, polite, good. She had mac -n- cheese (and she ordered herself, both her drink and her food) and I had a BLT & A. That is a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, & Avocado. So delicious! On Thick, delicious rye bread! Yum! I managed to even save half for tomorrow, despite the fact that it was the best sandwich I've had in a long time.

Then I let Q4 pick out a treat for her and C5 (lollipops for both) and off we went to pick up C5.

I was there early. First ones there. Q4 and I played on the playground for at least 20 minutes before kids started pouring out. But once they poured out ... I couldnt' find C5. She didn't come out the door she did last year. I didn't know what her teacher looked like. I didn't know parents from the classroom. Uggg. Finally, I saw a girl with a S---- nametag ... I recognized her name from the classlist that C41 had checked out over the weekend. I asked the parent and indeed, she was in Mrs. K's class. She waved us in the right direction, and a few minutes later we found C5, holding onto her teacher's hand, looking around for us. She didn't want to be the last picked up, and had been looking all around for us. Phew. We got her.

That was the first time I'd met C5's teacher, she seems together and wonderful (so far). She came with glowing reviews from a girlfriend of mine. Plus, she is working on national certification which impresses me, and I think she's probably a better teacher for it, whether or not she makes it.

C5 said she woke up bright and early on Monday because she was excited for school (indeed, she had a hard time falling asleep because she was excited for school!) and she was going to wake up bright and early on Tuesday because she is excited about school! Crazy, right? Even crazier? She sat at a table for 4 ... and she was the only girl. And she made two friends. S and A. A is a boy. Whaaa???? My world is spinning.

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