Monday, August 23, 2010

Praire Girl Picnic

It wasn't the party I envisioned. For one it wasn't outside. But the humidity was about 94%. So it was a sweaty mess. For two, the girls were very sedate. I don't know, did they have a good time? Who knows. It was an odd mix of girls. I think C5 had a good time, and since it was her party for her birthday, that is what matters.

We did crafts: decorated waist aprons, made necklaces & bracelets, and made friendship bracelets. We ate lunch on the floor on a praire girl picnic blanket made by my great-grandmother. During lunch there was some competetive storytelling, with some oneupmanship.

Girl 1: We had a really big scary thunderstorm! [Elaborates for 5 minute]
Girl 2: I have a scary story. We were at the pool and we had 9 seconds in the pool and then KABOOM! And we lost power for two days and had to sleep in the basement!
Girl 1: You lost power for two days? You had to sleep in the basement? I lost power for a week! And a tree almost fell!
Girl 2: The tree almost fell? A tree by us really did fall!
Girl 1: Your tree fell? But was it a BIG tree?
Girl 2: A really big tree. And you know what. There was a tree that fell on a child and died.
All other girls[SHOCKED]: Oh my!

Praire Picnic

Praire Picnic I

I enjoyed them.

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