Monday, August 30, 2010

New blankie

Yesterday, while I was making the lunch bags, Q4 wanted to sew, too. She pulled out some fabric C5 had picked up at the store (American flag fabric, because she is all into red, white, & blue right now), some bamboo batting, and asked for a needle and thread. I didn't do anything except put the thread in the needle and tie a knot in it. In fact, there are no knots in the finished blankie, so I'm sure it will unravel soon.

She laid out the fabric, making sure he edges lined up and the bamboo batting was on the inside
making the blankie 1

She cut off the extra fabric that was hanging over
making the blankie 2

And then she sewed it
making the blankie 3

She was very proud of herself, and happy to have made it. She left one end open as a "pocket" to put her hand in when she got cold, even.

Q4 and new blankie

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