Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Q4 was on the fragile side today, so I was focused on her quite a bit. We did go to the pool, but I think she was hanging on me most of the time. After one entire kid-swim it really was time to go (I didn't even do laps myself, today. I didn't think Q4 could handle it).

After we showered C5 headed directly for the bookshelves where the bookswap/free books are, and Q4 and I went to the picnic table to get our stuff.

Once there, Q4 reminded me I promised her I'd read her a book at the pool and pulled out the book. A short one, so I sat down to read it. 5 minutes later we were done, and picked up our wet towels and bags and tubes and flipflops and headed out.

We passed by the bookshelves to pick up C5 ... but she wasn't there. I rotated around to scan the grounds of the pool. No C5. I looked for a minute or so and then thought maybe she'd stepped out to wait for us.

She had. But she had stepped out thinking we'd forgotten her and left without her. So she was crying at the end of the sidewalk by the parkinglot, with another mom and some kids. The other mom handed her off and C5 told me how she hadn't been able to see our car, and thought we'd forgotten her.

We discussed what she should do if she couldn't find me or C41, and then I said to her "I'd never forget you, I always am thinking of you: At work I think of you, when I am running I think of you, when I'm swimming I think of you. I think of you when I'm thinking, because I'm dreaming of you"

Q4 piped up at this point ... "Do you ever think of me?"
And of course I assured her that it was BOTH of them I'm always thinking of.

And, on a happy happy note, welcome C0 ... very zero, indeed! She was born today at 4:30 this afternoon, on my brother and his wife's anniversary! Welcome and congratulations!!!!

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