Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to C6

It has now been 6 years since C6 was born. She's still a hoot, and we are so pleased that she is who she is!

She had a request to go to West Virginia for her birthday, since she'd never been. It sounded good to both C41 & me. We hyped it up telling her we'd see an old fashioned town (Harper's Ferry), rivers, a little hike, history, rocks. And then we juiced her up with ice cream and a stop at an orchard on the way home ("I didn't know I'd get to pick apples on my birthday!!!" was my favorite quote from her today). All in all a very good day. No cake, but we ate that pie. I'll make cake tomorrow.

C6 Smudges on the face by the Shenendoah

Q4 arrives at Harper's Ferry

E40 and Q4 C6 with an uncovered wagon

C6 at the community garden

Railroad Trestle in Harper's Ferry

Q4 under the trestle

E40 dancing at HF Dancing like Jane Austen

Lunch at Jefferson Rock

View from Jefferson Rock

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