Friday, September 3, 2010

No photos with this post and you'll thank me

So, today Q4 had some stinging, blood, and a small scratch in a place that would make a mother of a 4-year-old worried.

But three conversations with Q4 later it was still "nothing happened, didn't scratch myself, didn't wipe the wrong way, nobody touched me (well, except for E3 who kissed me on the cheek and one on the lips)" and I was stumped as to what might have caused the blood (an insect? a bad wedgie? toilet paper?? mulch in underwear?? what?)

Finally, at dinner Q4 got up and acted out a scene from today where she and E3 "my best best bestest friend" were walking around the whole playground on the balance beam and they jumped up and fell down and Q4 landed right on the balance beam -- right in the middle, she confirmed.

Oh. There it was. Mystery solved. Balance beams can scratch, bruise, and cause pain and bleeding.

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