Saturday, October 2, 2010


The Millenium Stage at the Kennedy Center has a free show every night. No tickets required, no seats, pretty amazing.

Well, on October 2nd They Might Be Giants performed there for a quickie, 1 hour show. 4000 available "seats" (standing room only). We decided to brave the time (6-7pm) and go for it. Yes, it meant leaving at 4 to get to the Kennedy Center by 5:00 (via metro ... and there was metro on the green and red and blue lines) so we could get in. Even at 5:00 the line went from the door around the corner, to the next corner and over onto the giant patio. I think the line was a quarter mile long.

We got in line, and withing 5 minutes the line was moving. Whew. We followed the leader and made it inside and then had another 30 minute wait, which extended to a 45-50 minute wait before the show actually started. That was difficult. C6 is wiggly and easiy bored and really quite a pain. Q4 was getting whiney and hungry (she didn't eat the food I brought). Then C6 had to use the toilet, and I realized just how large the crowd was ... we were the front quarter, and had to wade through (what seemed like) 1,000 annoyed people and their children to get to the restrooms.

Finally, the show started, and they played some classic songs, some songs from the new album, and some kids songs from the albums we own. Q4 was very excited whenever a song came on that she knew, and a few that she didn't. She sat very very patiently on C41's shoulders, and then mine.

I had had C6, but I took her down and then couldn't get her back up. So then I took Q4. She did not want be on my shoulders because I'm 10 inches shorter than C41. Fair enough, but whining wasn't going to change anything. So I took her down and showed her the view from the floor and suggested to her that she could either look at behinds all night or be on my shoulders. She giggled (haha mumma said bums!) stopped whining and chose my shoulders.

Q4 on C41's head C6 on C41's shoulders

Don't be fooled by the morose looks. They actually had a good time. Q4 did not want to leave despite almost falling asleep on my shoulders ("I don't want to miss anything!!")

The Stage

That was the width of the venue. Those are all the people who were in front of us. It was very long and very narrow, with a cute, small stage at the front. Essentially, it was the foyer of the Kennedy Center. As you can see, every single genXer and their elementary- and pre-school aged children from the DC metro area seemed to be there, along with a smattering of older and younger people who found the kids annoying. This wasn't a kids show, but it certainly was kid-friendly.

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