Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apples etc.

We headed up to pick apples in upper Maryland today, going to Distillery Lane Cider Works up in Burkittsville, MD. We'd visited on September 4, after our trip to Harper's Ferry for C6's birthday. We had the chance to pick apples, feed the cows the apples we found on the ground, and buy some apples and cider.

C6 is picking a Liberty apple. We bought some of these in September, and I though they were kind of boring. Juicy, sweety, crisp, but not WOW! Reading my little apple book today makes me think they will be better this time.
C6 picking a Liberty apple

Q4 is holding the apples we picked off the ground for the cows here.
Apples for the Cows and Q4

Then C41 bought some apples. Hopefully extraordinary apples. Can't wait to try them!!! According to Roger Yepsen, they are all traditional cider apples. Since we got them at a distillery-cider works ... well, that just makes sense. Look at that Bramley's Seedling... it is HUGE!!! It weighs ... 1 pound 1.7 oz!!!

Ashmead's Kernal Bramley's  Seedling Golden Russet

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