Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day, 2010

Santa, grandparents, and parents were all good to the girls.

For C6 it was a book year. We gave her books, Santa gave her books, Ninoo and Papa gave her books, and Meme and Pep gave her books. Most anticipated book was Magic Tree House number 41. But she's been pouring over the Peru stuff in bed since Christmas Day, and has read ALL of the Magic Tree House books once, twice, multiple times. And the knock knock jokes book. Oh, the knock knock jokes. The less said about those the better.
She loves all the books.
Magic TreeHouse number 41 New Books1

For Q4 (ahem, 4 and 3/4) her Christmas was mostly about princesses. Princess books, princess dress, giant princess TENT.

Ooohh I got it Giant Princess Tent

Q4 also got a spinny light thing that she brought to Louisiana, and was upset to find out that I'd taken it out of the luggage only to find out when we returned home that it was buried under C41's stuff -- in the suitcase -- the whole time.

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