Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bathroom update

We are --FINALLY-- almost done. Just one hole in the wall to be patched, a new toilet seat to be bought (the plumber scratched our new one). Maybe painting, maybe not.

The tile is clean, new, unbroken, not rocking, and so solid. The pipes are now below the floor boards. Old galvanized pipes -- starting to leak -- have been removed and replaced with lovely lovely hidden copper ones.

I love the sink even more in my bathroom than in the store. It is a beautiful, small (but deepish) sink, not a particle-board piece of crap box that is flush with the door. I love my new sink. Best part of the bathroom.

And the toilet. My criteria was threefold: The best most powerful flush we could find (I'd go with institutional flush if I could), white, and round seat, not elongated. We got all three and the toilet is clean, flushes well, and sits just fine.

sink and toilet 3
Yes, you can see the pipes. I still love it.

Sink and toilet 4

Come visit and flush!

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