Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had a little burst of spring last week. ME64 was here, and we didn't do a whole lot of exciting things.

But ME64 took C6 to the Museum of Natural History one day, and then spent a day doing arts and crafts and reading with Q4.

Here are some of their doings.

A foam mosaic:

Q4s mosaic castle

A decorated toilet box:

Q4s toilet home

And they made oatmeal/dried fruit cookies, which I have not made for C41 for TWO years! The reason I have not made him cookies for two years is because he refused to call somebody to fix the bathroom. Refused is a strong word, but his inability to see all the moving parts that might happen during this process resulted in the same thing: no bathroom fix. So, as you can see from yesterday, I called, it took 3x as long to fix up as they anticipated, probably 3x as much money, and I don't care.

But no picture of the cookies. We ate them all.

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