Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Belle's Ball

Saturday night the town hosted a "Belle's Ball" party for the 4-10 year old set. Last year we went to the Alice in Wonderland Tea, which was loads of fun.

The party started slow, but as children arrived it really picked up quite a bit. No tiaras this time, and I forgot the camera (D'oh!) but some friends took some photos of the kids and me for us.

C6 & Q4 both wore their long hoop skirts (C6's was under her dress that looks like a cupcake to me), and necklaces.

Belles ball 1

And they asked me to dress up, too, so I had a dress on, although you can't really see it here.

Belles ball 2

They both had a good time, although C6 complained that it was too loud (Uh, yeah it was, it was a dance party) and Q4 was quite upset that there were no images of Belle (from Beauty and the Beast). Rather than attempt to go into copyright laws with her I tried to suggest that if BELLE had a ball, it might look like the place did ... all yellow (for Belle) and purple (for the Beast), balloons and whatnot, not with images of herself everywhere. That didn't fly so much with Q4, but she survived.

We stayed about an hour and a half then Q4 told me she was ready to go home and C6 readily consented.

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