Monday, February 28, 2011

Day of crafts part 2

For me, I have been thinking about making myself a lunch box for ... well, since I made the girls their lunch boxes in August.

I've been using one of the little purses I made the girls back in Sept 2008, sometimes C's, mostly Q's (becaues C6 actually has things in hers, I think, and Q has just let hers float around the house). The bag is OK, but a little small, and a little floppy, and a little bit not mine.

After making the girls their lunch boxes last August, I've delayed. I wasn't sure I wanted it just like theirs. Or in the same fabric. Why have THREE nearly identical lunch boxes that C41 can't tell apart? (I've since had to embroider a Q on Q's handle, and a heart on C's).

SO, I had the idea to use some lovely chinese-style fabric from a worn out dress-up dress and use that to make my lunch box. But it just didn't come together.

But this did, instead:
Lunch bag 1

What makes this better is this:
Lunch bag

Inside the bag is a sewed-in "cover" that has drawstrings ... I wanted a different fabric, but didn't have another that complemented as well, and so this one it was. It turned out acceptable. I'm very happy with it, we'll see how well it carries lunch. It was designed specifically to be able to fit a bento box in it, so it may be something the girls get next year.

Q4 looked at it this morning and suggested that she and I swop lunch boxes. Not a chance.

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