Sunday, March 27, 2011

Arts and Crafts

It always comes back to arts and crafts, doesn't it? This is OK, because C6 wants to be a teacher and Q4 wants to be an artist.

Today we made playdough, against my wishes. Not that I didn't want to make playdough, but I didn't want to use my good flour (King Arthur Flour) on the playdough. I've got to go buy some cheap Safeway or Giant brand flour and salt so we can make bucketloads of playdough without me feeling that I'm being a little cavilier with the expensive flour. I'm sure the King Arthur Flour isn't more than 50 cents or a dollar per 10 pound more than the house brand, but it FEELS really wrong tome.

But we made the playdough with the good stuff anyway (lets not talk about the salt, either). (Perhaps I have issues, this isn't the right forum to discuss my problems. Contact me directly). We colored it pink and they started to make playdough faces, animals, and things on paper. They used all the playdough and then decided to have an art sale outside.

I had probably fallen asleep on the couch when I realized what that peristant and annoying noise was. C6 had managed to bring the kids table up from the basement ... and out the front door. Then she got a chair for herself (Q4 was to stand) and then they brought all the pictures out. C6 then realized Q4 needed a chair and went back in to get one for her, and Q4 brought out all her money to make change for people.

Art Sale

See the Liberty Bell and the U.S.A? C6 made those. Q4 made lots of faces and some cats.

Of course, it snowed a tiny bit last night, and was about 34 degrees F while they were outside selling. So nobody walked by. Q4 ran to Miss J's house to offer her a picture (the kitty) and made a nickel on her art. Her first sale.

Still, they made more on the fiber stand a few years ago.

Then later they decided I REALLY had to take down those February decorations (hearts) and the March decorations (St. Patrick's Day) and put up more Easter decorations. I did take down the clovers that Q4 had made, but I still like the hearts! But they did make some decorations for me. There are now multiple eggs on the walls (all about 3 feet off the ground) and one bunny.

Drawing Eggs Cutting out a bunny

NOW we are ready for Easter.

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