Friday, April 1, 2011

New Puzzle

Fallout from the talent has been moderate. C6 is acknowledged in public as the states girl, the Human Almanac, a patriot. All true, of course, but I think she's glad the show is over. Back to normal, no more practices, no more reciting the states (although, honestly, I never had learned the 50 states before this winter, so this was an added benefit for me). But C6 does still love the states, and wasn't so glad that it was over that she wasn't thrilled when a new puzzle came in the mail the other day.

C6 doing the puzzle

Wowza, great puzzle! Quite a hit, actually, both girls love it, and love the sheer size of it. That, and the fact that it has ALL of the STATES on it.

Q4 proudly put together the banner at the top, and did the occasional state. C6 has focused on the states.

Unfortunately for them, the puzzle keeps getting pulled out, started, and put away before it gets done, just because of timing. One of these days we'll get it finished!

C6 with California and Nevada Girls with puzzle pieces

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