Friday, March 4, 2011

Due to continued cold weather

I sent the girls outside to play today but shortly after I sent them out they came right back in. After yesterday's gorgeous 60 degree F weather they couldn't go back to Freezing temperatures.

So in they came. They played downstairs for a long time, then suddenly came up with pens and paper and pulled down the scissors and tape and stapler.

And made paper clothes.

C6's first effort was valient. I liked the way it looked on the floor. Kind of like a robot.

C6 laying out her shirt More paper clothes

But then they tried the shirt on. Less than satisfactory.

C6 in shirt C6 made Q4 in shirt C6 made

Q4 tried her hand at a shirt, and although at first the sleeve ripped (see her holding it in the middle photo), we fixed it with a little ripping, more paper and more tape, and it was the best of the bunch ... nicely colored, proportioned, and it stayed on. And looked good with a crown.

Q4 working on her shirt Q4 with shirt (ripped sleev) Q4 in small shirt

Eventually, though, they both made bigger and ... better dresses. And had some trouble getting into them. C6 tried the over the head method, and Q4 the slide it on while lying down method. Listen to Q4 when the thing slides off in the most graceful of ways ... "oh darn it!"

And C6 finally made one that had some pockets, and a bit of history, literature, and geography sewed into it. I love how she got all her interests into this one paper dress.

Then it was time to clean up all the paper scraps around the living room floor. Not nearly as much fun.

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