Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spirit Day

C6's school is going through the MSA (Maryland State Assessment?) week this week, so all the kids, not just those taking the test, get to do funky things ... GO - MSA!

G - Green, wear green today (C6 wore green beads with her uniform)
O - Orange, wear orange today (C6 wore a homemade orange necklace)
M - Mix it up - C6 wore one ruffly, one plain sock (most kids wore pjs!)
S - Spirit - C6 and I made a headband for her to wear.
A - ??? They have the day off ...

But no matter about that A, C6 went to school wearing blue and yellow (school colors) and she drew a blue and yellow lion (the lion is the school mascot) to put on her headband.

After she went to bed I put it on the headband. Apparently it was a big surprise in the morning because she was expecting it to lie flat on her head.

It is super cute.

School Spirit Day

And here is a close up of her head. I love that she called it Happy Lion!

Happy Lion!

Q4 was quite jealous of the headband, and may take it to show and tell tomorrow.

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  1. A is for Athletics ... on Monday they're supposed to wear a team jersey or something ... :)