Friday, March 18, 2011

The Human Almanac

As most of you know, C6 has been preparing for a Talent Show. Last fall she came home all excited that there would be a TALENT SHOW at school. It came home as a flyer in her folder, and it was all she could do to point it out to us.

However, C41 and I both took note of the critter club, and thought THAT sounded like fun.

No, no, no! The talent show! C6 wanted to be in the TALENT SHOW.

Oh, of course. So, I asked, dear, what is your talent?
C6: I'll slap a "snap bracelet" or "slap bracelet" with a pencil.
Me: That isn't a talent.
C6: Uhm, maybe the kindergarteners can't do it.
Me: Yes, they can.
C6: But the Head Start kids can't.
Me: They too, can.

So, we managed to get her to put down the slap bracelet and consider reciting something.

SOMETHING! The states! And the District of Columbia! And the territories!!

She's actually quite good at it, however as time went on she got a little bored of just reciting and started adding in commentary about the states, about her ability to remember the states, about her favorite states, about the fact that the states were so awesome and you could GUESS why she liked XYZ. (no, of course you couldn't, but she thought you could).

FINALLY. The week of the talent show. She decided to go patriotic and wear a red dress, white socks, and blue shoes. Good plan. Except somewhere between last week and this we lost a blue shoe. I'm not a shoe loser. I can't ever remember losing a child's shoe before. But 4 days after realizing the shoe was missing ... and it is still missing.

So we had a crisis. No blue shoes??? What to wear? She settled upon a blue ribbon in her hair. Which promptly went missing. So tonight I gave her a dark blue scarf with (very patriotic) stars on it. And her outfit was complete.

Headed to the show

We gave her a flag to keep her hands busy (after the last dress rehearsal 2 teachers came up to me and told me she needed spandex or shorts or someting under her dress ... a little dress flipping up. Figuring that I couldn't make that happen, having a flag in her hand would give her something to do other than flip up her dress) and we were off.

100_5808 Human Almanac

Q4 waited very patiently.

Q4 waiting

Luckily, C6 came on third after Spitz-O-Matic (the band teacher) and the HES cheerleaders.
AND ... the show (LONG! 5+ minutes ... highlights below)

Our very own Pint-sized Powerhouse!

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, visit when she starts and sticks out her tongue at Q4 (1:00), Delaware (about 1:35), the K states for a little flag waving (2:21), the M & N states have some extra-C6 commentary (2:21-3:12). The territories are at 4:50, and she has a little moment where she sees her friend S6, waves, and forgets the 5th territory. You can see her recounting them on her fingers. At 5:32 we get some more flag waving and a little crazy curtsy. And then she's off. Whew.