Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful afternoon

Earlier this week I heard that Friday was going to be 75 Degrees Farenheit in the DC area ... my first thoughts turned to PARTY, we need to have a PARTY! We'll sit on the porch, sip wine and beer and cider and just have friends drop by.

Lucky for C41, two other families (who also happen to like us) had the same thought, and they invited us to their houses tonight, saving us from having to have a party.

So instead of cleaning the house and garden this afternoon we were free to just hang out and do what we wanted to do.

And what we wanted to do was make bug spray (gallons and gallons of it by the look of that pool behind Q4!!)'

Q4 making bug spray

Both girls smeared this concoction on their arms and legs to keep off the bugs. The bugs that have not yet emerged into the world, yet. It is the perfect time ... a few very warm days prior to the birth of the bugs. But, in any case, the concoction was effective. Neither girl was bitten by a bug.

Then Q4 changed her mind and started to make chocolate milk.

Q4 making chocolate milk

That actually LOOKS like a creamy chocolate milk, doesn't it?? But it isn't. It is dirt from our dirt hill and lovely lovely fresh tap water.

And of course, C6 chose to read and write.

C6 writing in the sun

And I made melon balls and cut up fruit to make fruit skewers to bring with us to the party tonight. One watermelon, one canaloupe, one pineapple, and two pints of strawberries ... about 24 skewers, eaten in about 19 mintutes flat. The kids ate every last one of them.

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