Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mmmm mmm.

Well, that warm warm weather cooled down a bit, so in anticipation of a potluck this afternoon we decided to make cookies to warm up the kitchen a bit.

The girls have both been doing "healthy eating" and Food Pyramid units at school, so they both thought that teeny tiny cookies representing the joys of spring (raindrops, flowers, shamrocks, etc.) were the way to go. They picked out the tiniest cookie cutters we had.

Starting baking

See the cookies below? Those are the BIG cookies ... the small ones were much too small, got smushed, and had to be eaten before they even made it onto the cookie trays.

C6 decorating cookies Crazy Q4

In the end, they turned out very nicely, with a fair number of "Mardi Gras" cookies (multicolored) and some butterflies (shaped from random pieces of cookie dough).

The baked beauties

It took a long time to make all those teeny cookies, and about no time at all to eat them. So we had to make some bigger cookies to replace them. Still delicious!

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