Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mmm mmm cookies

Q5 and ME64 made cookies last night. Q5 made the frosting. I only caught her eating the sugar once. I popped around the corner to find her guiltily pouring straight 10x in her mouth.

Making frosting Making frosting II

Most of the cookie making was the decorating. A schmear of pink frosting (lick fingers), a dash of non-parails (lick fingers), a bit of yellow sugar (lick fingers), a sprinkle of green sugar (lick fingers), and a few chocolate-covered cocoa nibs (pop one in mouth and lick fingers).


Mostly the cookies just tasted good rather than looked good. But this one Q5 made for C6 ... it is Q5's rendition of C6 ... a face with a few freckles! (C6 made one for Ninoo, as well ... but that had extra freckles)

C6 and cookie

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