Thursday, April 21, 2011


Foamy mosaics seem to be the perfect gift for a 4-5-6 year old. Ninoo brought some of these last year, which were well received at the time, and continue to be a fun activity.

Well, this week for Q5's birthday, G&G brought a gift for Q5 ... foam mosaic tiaras. The package held 6 tiaras and enough foam squares and jewels to complete them in the most sparkeliest way possible.

K7 making the tiaras Q5 making the Tiaras C6 making a tiara

What was even nicer, was that the first day Q5, C6, and I each made one, and the second day Q5, C6, and K7 each made one, so the pleasure was spread around, and each girl ended up with two tiaras.

But I think Q5 liked hers the best.

Princess Q5

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