Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Last year we had ferns on the front porch. I liked the ferns, I was very happy with them, they didn't need to be watered often.

But I suggested to C41 that maybe petunias would work this year. I like petunias, but since we aren't particularly sunny, they've failed in the front in the past. But with the new sunny front (because of some trees felled a couple of summers ago) we really now are sunny enough for petunias. I think.

But what he came back from the store with are definitely not petunias. Pretty showy flowers, but not petunias!

Flowers on porch close up

C41 thinks we should hang them higher, but I like them really low so they partly block the view from the street. So we have them hanging from these extenders that C41 keeps trying to lose.

Flowers on porch

AND our rose bush is in full bloom. Some years the inchworms get the flowers before many of them they can bloom, but not this year.So is the other one, but it is red and hidden away. The pink one smells lovely. I am a fan of flowers that smell good ... lilacs, lily of the vally, clover, iris. Even dandelions smell good, did you know that? And while rose is not my favorite scent, I'll take an old-fashioned rose scent over a non-scented rose (or any flower) any day.

Rose bush

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