Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Field trip in the rain

Last year was hot, hot, hot.

This year ... wet, wet, wet. (and instead of the front seat ... we got the BACK seat on the bus!) It looked as though the rain would hold off, but no, it did not. We all got quite wet, and the children didn't get to play for long on the play structures.

Q5 was most interested in the rainbow slide (I think because she saw it first) and the GIANT BOOT (also, coincidentally, a slide).

The shoe

But before we got to the 5 minutes of play, we had to do some animal stuff. Such as ...

Go on a hay ride (during which time my little enforcer Q5 told any and every child who attempted to stand up to "SIT DOWN" ... after a few of those I started to recognize myself, as I kept saying the same thing to the two boys in front of me ...)

Q5 on the Hay Ride

Feed the goats and sheep ... look at Q5's face with the goats! She just fed them and was laughing this awesome giggle and saying "I fed the goats from my hand!" ...

Q5just fed the goats! Q5 E5 feed teh sheep

Pat a bunny and a chicken and an emu and a duck, and look at turkeys behind chicken wire, a pregnant miniature cow (still large), pigs, and a donkey. She did enjoy all that, I think she enjoyed the emu the best, but I wasn't nearby, I was sheltering under an awning as it started to pour.

Q5 wet and patting the duck Q5 looking at the turkeys

I guess the rain wiped her out, because the bus ride home she fell asleep on my lap.

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