Saturday, May 28, 2011

Guess who graduated from Pre-K?

I'm not one who wants to go to tons and tons of graduations ... pre-K? Really? But, OK, we went.

The ceremony was in a church, so we waited in pews before it all began.

Q5 Graduation Q5 and V5

There was musical entertainment. Finally ... she's been singing songs at home for a week or two and every time she catches me looking at her when she's singing she wants me to not look. This is not so good when I'm driving or walking.

Then all the kids walked across the stage, alter ... to get their "diplomas" ... you can hear C6 yelling out all sorts of names saying yay Q5! It is cute and sweet.

Q5 Pre-K Diploma in Hand

The night ended, of course, with treats in the church hall. Many many treat. Won't show you, but you know how laden down C6's plate was, I'm sure.

Congrats to Q5, ready for Kindergarten in the autumn (well, she doesn't actually feel ready, she's already expressed some concern that she doesn't know everything, but I think she'll do just fine)!

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