Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nighttime in the green bedroom

I don't often post pictures of C6 sleeping, because although she is, of course, adorable, she doesn't sleep in the crazy ways Q5 does.

HOWEVER. Here are two that made me laugh.

First, from a few nights ago, C6 sleeping with a flag. She is snuggling a flag. Who snuggles a flag? A stuffie, a dog, a lover, yes. But a flag? I'm keeping this photo in case she is every accused of treason. Clearly, she is a patriot.

C6 Sleeping with Flag

And this, from Saturday night. she's surrounded herself with pillows and blankies to make herself a little dog bed or nest. C6 in a nest. A C6 nest.

C6 in a nest.

And, while I was in there I realized she's breathing better. The seasonal allergies are waning a bit. Yippee!

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