Thursday, June 2, 2011


We just had a couple of days with J57 and Cwedon'tknow as they travelled up to Massachusetts for a wedding and visiting and then back down to the South again. We were the pit stop along the way, which we are more than happy to be for any of you out there.

I tried to complete this before they arrived at our house on their journey north, but just couldn't. However, I managed to finish it for their return visit.

J&Cs bag

Q5 liked it, too.

Q5  is a bag holder

Recognize the fabric? Lunch bags from this year.
I never made those sandwich wraps I said I would, but that's OK.

I'm happy to say that the white fabric was from freecycle, the flowered leftovers from their lunchbags, and the beige from an old IKEA chair we used to have. I feel thrifty!

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