Monday, May 30, 2011

The solar system

Here is a little vingnette that I'm sure has happened in many a household, in some form or another.

C41: C6, what is your favorite planet?
C6: Uhm, Uranus.**
E40: [Silent snicker]
C41: Not Saturn?
C6: Why, what's wrong with Uranus?
E40: [Getting sillier, has to leave the room]
C41: Nothing, it is just that Saturn will be visible tonight.
C6: Why not Uranus?
E40: [Can't say anything, has to leave the house to laugh outside]
C6: What's so funny about Uranus?
E40: [Crying real tears on the front porch]

I'm laughing now. EVERYTHING is funny about Uranus!

** She likes Uranus because it rotates around the sun on a different axis (like it is a rolling ball) and its rings are oriented differently, too.

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