Friday, June 17, 2011

Some things we just can't help

Wednesday afternoon I made cookie dough, and in the evening I made the cookies. Big Circle Cookies, at Q5's request, since they are for her last day at school on Friday. Big Circle Cookies sounded good to me. However, when Q5 was picking out the cookie cutter C6 nearly had a fit ... wait, she DID have a fit because she thought round cookies were ugly.

It was a short, intense fit which involved her screaming in Q5's face, crying, and then being removed from the room.

I made the cookies, cooled the cookies, and this afternoon made frosting to frost the cookies. We did 5 different colors, frosted each Big Circle Cookie a different color. They looked great. We had a few left over (AND a dog cookie I made C6) so the girls decorated those.

Then we let them dry. And Q5 and I went outside to bounce on the trampoline, and C6 decided to stay inside and read. I came in and out to start dinner on the grill, but eventually we were all inside and dinner was just about ready when I went to check on the 10 Big Circle Cookies.

And every single one of them had been tampered with. By tampered with I mean somebody had stuck her fingers in the frosting, dragged her fingers through the frosting, or nibbled bits at the edges of the frosting (the cookies were intact).

I had a good idea who it was since I'd been with Q5 the whole time outside. Plus I am not sure Q5 could reach all the way to the back of the cookie tray. I suppose if she was motivated.

Well, C6 was motivated. I asked them if either of them had stuck her fingers in the frosting and licked them. C6 raised her hand and confessed immediately. I can't say I was happy about it. But it was more annoyed and dismayed at the idea of having to make a whole new batch of cookies from scratch this evening for Q5's class than actual anger. Because I completely understand the impulse to drag a finger (or 10) across frosting and lick the finger and then do it again.

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