Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tennessee 2011 - On the Porch

We just returned from a week in Tennessee in the Great Smokey Mountains with cousins A7 & L7, Aunt N and Uncle A, and grandparents Ninoo and Papa.

The trip down was long, many hours, but once we got there Q5 realized how incredible her cousins were and became their biggest fan, especially taking to and emulating A7. Just being with her was fun.

The place we stayed was right up a mountain .... it seemed to be quite high, as you had to drive straight up the road in first and second gear, tops, but as you looked from the valley it turned out to be not quite as high as it felt. But it was high enough.

We had two great porchs on which we could sit, read, drink, look, play, one atop of the other.

The view was great. Have you wondered why they are called the Smokey Mountains? Wonder no more. "Smoke" every morning. Except for the mornings it rained.

Two panorama photos from the top porch:

This one is the same view with great clouds:

The porch was the best place on which to eat ice cream...

... and play with a neighborhood dog.

Q5 & C6 loved the hot tub on the lower porch.

Papa had a brainchild and poured cold water on them from the upstairs porch ... they LOVED it!

And that the end of the day we could sit on the porch with a drink or a book and watch the sun set.

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