Monday, June 27, 2011

Tennesse 2011 - Adventures

The first full day in Tennessee was Sunday, and we'd planned to go ZipLining. I thought it would be fun. Q5 thought it would be fun. C6 didn't seem to have an opinion, but then we didn't tell her about the helmets and gear she'd have to wear, and C42 thought ... well, actually I found out later he didn't care one way or the other.

The weight minimum was 45 pounds. At 43 pounds Q5 did not quite make it, but with all the gear on she did. They'd told us on the phone she could go tandem with C42 or me, but in person they asserted that was not acceptable. Q5 was excited to go, so we were only concerned about C6's participation at that point.

C6 did not want to put the gear on. She watched me get into the gear before she would put hers on. But put it on she did, with no fuss, although you can see she looks mighty low.

Although the guides were very silly, and making the kids laugh on the ride to the zip lines, Q5 became a little nervous by the time we reached the zip lines.

C6 is hesitant, you can see, but not nervous like Q5.

Me and then C6 going across the first "get used to zip lines" bridge

Q5 went across the bridge with few problems.

From the first platform to the second was just a really short zip line.

Surprise: C6 LOVED it!

Papa is going across ... look at Q5 in the background. Nervous.

C6 continued to rock the ziplines.

Meanwhile, Q5 went back, she wouldn't do the zipline off the first platform, and she and C42 walked much of the course. The second to last line she decided to give it a try, because A7, she later told me, had done it.

We didn't get a photo of Q5 trying it, however. It was fairly traumatic for her even though she wanted to do it. She was doing the longest zipline, and was quite determined to do it, but absolutely hated it once on it. Because she was so light, her ride was also quite LONG. She just didn't go fast. So there she was, terrified, slowly zipping over the longest span we crossed. When she finally reached my side (I went first to "catch" her) and was put in my arms she burst out crying "It was too long!" and hated it.

Of course, she zipped to a platform from which she had to zip down to get off. That caused some additional problems. The screaming, for one. "GET ME DOWN! I WANT TO GO HOME! PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE JUST LET ME GET DOWN." and then the grabbing. She grabbed on of our guides' shirts and would not let go. C42 had to pry her off. And the guide told C42 that he (C42) had to let her go, but then he let them zip together. Thank goodness. She still hated it. She still screamed and cried, but they got down.

The rest of us enjoyed ourselves! I had thought if she zipped once she'd be fine. Not so for zipping. However, for the white water rafting she did get to like it.

The white water rafting was just very very mild rafting. Children under 7 or 8 had to go on the lower river, class 1, 2, and maybe 3 waves.

As before, Q5 had been interested in rafting when shown a rafting video at home, but once faced with the real live possibility of being in a raft on the river and she thought this was NOT for her. C6 wasn't exactly sure, but having done some of the water rides at Dollywood a few days earlier made her comfortable with the idea of it, despite the helmet and life jacket. Not a single complaint about the gear from C6!

Q5, however, cried for the first 5 minutes after we put in, grouched for about 10, moped for the next 5-10, and then enjoyed herself.

C6 also loved it. Right from the start, it was a hit with her. Everytime a wave hit her she squealed with delight and then laughed her head off. The only thing she didn't like was when we went over a larger bit of white water and she had to crouch in the middle of the boat.

When C6 reached dry land she said the helmet and life jacket were worth it. High praise! And Q5, once off the river, started asking when we'd go again.

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