Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Takoma Park Parade

So on the 4th of July C6 was extremely excited, it being her favorite holiday of the year, of course.

She expressed a number of times how she wished her birthday was on July 4. Sadly, it was not, nor would I want it to be, as then she'd have been 3 months early, not just one. However, with that one sad little regret on her part, we decided to head to the Takoma Park 4th of July Independence Day Parade.

The weather was much cooler than last year, which was good, but the parade was a little lacking in spirit. But not so much that we didn't have a good time.

C6 and flags

C5 and her Barbie

We then hit the pool, but by the end of the day C41 and I both found that a party and fireworks were too much and played up the rain card to the kids. Which it did do, although just.

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