Monday, July 4, 2011

Tennessee 2011 - Destinations!

We did have a lot of destinations that didn't quite fall into other categories.. A lot of our destinations were waterfalls (Thank you, Uncle A!) or other places at the end of hikes.

Many of our destinations involved (long) car rides. Q5 and C6 both took turns riding with Uncle A, Aunt N, and L7 & A7.

Our hike on Clingman's Dome was one that had a destination on top: The giant tower at the top. The cold wet hike got colder, wetter, winder. Watch.

From Tennessee 2011

And this one had us all in stitches. C6 is saying the same thing as Q5 (NC - TN) but Q5 is running around the tower like the crazed girl she is.

From Tennessee 2011

OK, this isn't exactly a destination, but insomuch as Tennessee was a destination, this roadside overlook WAS a destination.

And C42 at the roadside overlook with snakes hissing below us. They were basking in the sun under the sidewalk. The girls were a wee bit freaked. And me, too, a little bit.

And this was another roadside stop

On the road around the Roaring Fork Motor Trail there were a number of roadside attractions.

The place of 1,000 drips was one of our first stops right after a large rainstorm

And that is the end of the trip. It was a fantastic trip, the kids enjoyed their cousins immensely, and C40 and I had a great time with everybody!!

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