Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tennessee 2011 - Places to live

We visited a lot of buildings. Old houses, mills, farms. Every time I was agog about the size of the boards. So bear with me with the photos of the boards, OK?

One of the least impressive places we visited was Mingus Mill. But we visited, and here we are. Please note C6 still has her towel from he visit to Clingman's Dome, despite the fact that it was now hot and muggy.

Then we went to the Mountain Farm Museum ... which the kids LOVED. LOVED. Really, could have spent all their time there. Well, at least an hour.

Look at the size of those boards on the house. Amazing. Q5 liked the inside, too.

But the best part of this farm was for certain the chickens. When we walked up I saw a guy holding one. So I -- very bravely, I might add -- decided to do the same.

And then the girls chased them. Attempted to catch them. At the last minute C6 would hesitate and the chicken would get away.

**Update** found this little video.

From Tennessee 2011

We also visited the Little Greenbriar School, which the four children adored. They would have spent all day there playing school. School included a teacher, an assistant teacher, studdy-body president, and prinicpal.

This is the schoolhouse. The boards are gigantic. 3 boards to the top of the door frame.

C6 in the window of the schoolhouse

Then we hiked up to the Walker Sister's House, where maiden five sisters lived after the park was created. They didn't want to move and the national park service allowed them to live the rest of their lives on their farm. They were (almost) entirely self-sufficient. They did go to town for sugar, coffee, and salt. Everything else they grew or created. Wow.

On the Walker Sister's porch

On the Roaring Fork Motor Trail we stopped at every structure. Little houses, big boards.

This was a little farm, the Ephraim Bales Place.

The only window in the place, and Q5 had to put the new stuffie, Emma, in it.

Finally, we visited the Alfred Reagan Place and more importantly, his old grist mill. C6 loved this grist mill.

She liked the way the water was running.

Q5 liked the place, too.

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